How to make a person's reputation go up

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How to make a person's reputation go up

Post by BBRANGEL on Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:29 pm

Have you wondered what these "reputation" points were?
Here is a little tutorial.

Here is where you can up-vote or down-vote someone.

When your vote is cast, it should bring you to a screen like this.

Here's how you can tell if you voted.

I just finished with this thread, then I realized only part of the screenshot showed... Sad I can't think of a way to fix this other than to shrink the original image. For now however, just right click and select open image in a new tab. When you cast your "vote", it is irreversible, so think twice before you cast one.
Sidenote: I worked hard on getting these pictures...this is an example of a good comment/thread to "vote up".

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